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By Noel McLaren

WILDWOOD, N.J., (CBS) — When they saw a guy walking down the sidewalk with an arrow stuck through his leg, neighbors thought he was playing a practical joke.

“I can’t believe this happened,” said local dry cleaner Claudia Beteta.

But prosecutors say what neighbors say was real. They tell Eyewitness News that 35-year-old Angel Serrano was shot with a crossbow inside his Schellenger Avenue Apartment in Wildwood.

“I’ve been Cape May County prosecutor for almost 10 years now and this is the first time we have had an attempted homicide with a crossbow,” said Cape May County Prosecutor, Robert Taylor.

Shop owners across the street saw him hobbling toward them, leaving behind a bloody trail. They sat him down outside and called, 911.

“He was walking without saying nothing just he didn’t say help or something like that just walking,” said Beteta.

Serrano’s landlord says he just moved in with his girlfriend last week and never caused any trouble.

“They were here for two days so I mean this was somebody that you would think that you’re renting to a guy a seven your old a pregnant lady, that you’re renting to decent people,” said Robert Grimley.

Police have already arrested a 29-year-old Wildwood man for tampering with security cameras and while they search for another man who fired the crossbow, the shop owners who helped him are hoping Serrano has a speedy recovery.


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