By Brad Segall

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Upper Merion man accused of murdering a grandmother and a 10-month-old girl in their King of Prussia apartment wants the judge to give him court appointed experts so he can prepare his defense.

Raghu Yandamuri, representing himself for the first time in a Montgomery County courtroom, asked Judge Steven O’Neill for a forensic pathologist and a computer animation expert who can reconstruct the crime scene.

It appears Yandamuri wants his own set of eyes to review the prosecution’s evidence and tell his version of events. Prosecutors contend Yandamuri went to the apartment that day intending to kidnap Saanvi Venna and hold her for ransom. They say he murdered her grandmother when she tried to protect the toddler.

Yandamuri gave police a written and videotaped confession which the judge has already ruled was legally obtained. He maintains his innocence and is trying to pin the crime on two other people. The trial is scheduled to begin in early September.

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