By Tony Romeo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Republican Governor Tom Corbett’s strategy of dealing with the legislature is being scrutinized after his decision to veto part of the new state budget riled leaders of his own party.

Dissatisfied that lawmakers have not acted on reform of public pensions, Governor Corbett line-item vetoed millions of dollars in funding for legislative operations.

Franklin and Marshall College political analyst Terry Madonna believes that may have been the best choice of action for Corbett after the budget was passed, but Madonna says…

“Governor Corbett would have been much better off-putting a marker down early on in the process – certainly by the beginning of June when the budget process began in earnest – saying ‘I will not sign the budget – period – without pension reform’.”

Madonna says doing what he did won’t much compel lawmakers to return and act on pensions because they have reserve funds to rely on, and he has angered them, adding to the division.

But Madonna says the governor has gotten lawmakers’ attention and can make his case to voters.