PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia Police are asking for the public’s help in finding a suspect who threw bleach in the face of a young woman at a beauty supply store.

The horrific crime took place on May 15 at S & J Beauty Supply on the 2400 block of Welsh Road.

The victim was in the country visiting relatives at the time of the attack. She said she is now “really frightened and scared” when she goes outside.

The female was watching the store for her aunt when the robbers strolled in and acted like they were simply checking out some items.

The pair then returns to the store three more times pretending to buy something. That is when the victim is doused with bleach.

The victim says, “I opened the cash register and all I could remember was the guy throwing bleach in my eyes.”

The aunt, who owns the store, says her niece was here visiting from Africa. A visit that is now marred by violence.

“She couldn’t see a thing. She was crying. Her eyes were so red.”

The victim still suffers from blurred vision and finds it painful to close her eyes.

While her eyes will eventually heal, her confidence has been shaken.

“I’m just scared for now.”

The alleged female accomplice was taken into custody shortly after the attack, but the male suspect is still on the loose.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Philadelphia Police.

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