NORTH COVENTRY, Pa. (CBS) — Firefighters out on a call saving lives returned to some shocking vandalism.

While the North Coventry firefighters were just about a mile away trying to save a piece of property, the vandals had no regard for their property.

“We came back, and we had about five to six cars that were vandalized by somebody; we don’t know who at this time,” said Deputy Chief Jeff Hipple.

The vandals ruined several cars in the parking lot, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

“It was quite a surprise to all of us, it was actually…ticked us off pretty well, to put it bluntly,” Hipple said.

The sneaky vandals evaded cameras perched outside the fire station.

For a volunteer fire company of only about 35 members, every person’s presence on a fire scene counts. Now, the fire company might be forced to leave one member behind to stand guard over their property.

“Now, what do we do? We get dispatched in the middle of the night again, do we want to come out, so we can have our vehicles ruined, or do we just have somebody stay back and you know, guard our vehicles?” Hipple wondered. “We lose one person. All they’re doing is messing with our response and the safety of our community. And that’s what everybody’s here for.”

Damage estimates to the cars range from $200 to $2,200. In the meantime, the firefighters said they’ll be adding more cameras to the outside of the building.

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