By Jim Melwert

By Jim Melwert

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The US plays Germany today in the final match of the group stage at the World Cup in Brazil. The Americans need a win or a tie to advance to the knockout round. America can also advance with a loss, depending on what happens in the match between Portugal and Ghana.

Kickoff is at noon, and many soccer fans are making plans — maybe taking a long lunch — or finding someway to convince the boss to let them get out to watch the game.

Daniel Cardenas says he’s been watching as many games as he can, and there’s no chance he’ll miss this one, likely watching it on his iPad at work.

“Honestly, I think it’s helping my productivity because it’s so hyping, you see so many people excited, and just the energy, so it’s kind of you get excited and then get back to your day.”

USA Soccer Coach Jurgen Klinsmann has put out an excused absence note.  It’s signed by the coach, and  says “I understand this absence may reduce the productivity of your workplace, but I assure you it’s for a good cause.” Fans can print it out and give it their bosses.


Joe Luke from Skippack is the boss. He’s taking the day off to go watch the game, and says if one of his workers gave him that note, he accept it.

“Oh, absolutely, go ahead, just go. I’m all for it.,” he said. “It’s kind of the camaraderie, you know, the patriotism behind the US. Everyone is kind of pulling together – especially it’s only every four years, so.”

Joe admits he’s not a big soccer fan, but is swept up in this.

Win or tie and they’re in. There are also multiple scenarios for the US to advance with a loss, including a draw between Portugal and Ghana.

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