By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A former Philadelphia Traffic Court judge today testified in the trial of six other former judges who are charged in a ticket-fixing conspiracy.

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Former judge Kenneth Miller previously pleaded guilty to fraud in the federal ticket-fixing case and is testifying as part of a plea deal.

Miller, a Delaware County justice who had been assigned to Philadelphia Traffic Court, said the practice of “consideration” — ticket fixing — was common knowledge.

And during questioning by proscutor Anthony Wzorek, Miller detailed how he took part.

(Wzorek:)  “Did you think what you were doing was wrong?”

(Miller:)   “Many, many days, yes.”

(Wzorek:)  “What was wrong about it?”

(Miller:)  “Totally illegal.”

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Miller suggested he took part reluctantly, but also acknowledged he sought “consideration” himself for a couple of tickets, including at least one for his son, Kirk, who was ticketed in 2010 for speeding on the Platt Bridge.

That led to this exchange with defense attorney William J. Brennan:

(Brennan:)  “You are offended by it, right?”

(Miller:)   “I didn’t like it.”

(Brennan:)  “You didn’t like it.  But when it helped you, or Bellasorte or Kirk, you’re OK with it, right?”

(Miller:)   “Yeah, I did it, sure.”

The six judges on trial here have all pleaded not guilty.


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