PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – You might not consider a city that reveres cheesesteaks and soft pretzels a health mecca, but Philadelphia has been voted one of the best “budget and waist-friendly destinations in America.”


NerdWallet Health, a division of the popular finance tool, put together a new roundup of the most health-conscious cities in the country, and Philadelphia cracked the top 10.

Actually, we did better than that – Philly came in a very respectable seventh, just behind Baltimore and ahead of Long Beach, CA.

If you really think about it, you can understand why the City of Brotherly Love ranked high on the healthy scale: There are tons of veg- and vegan-friendly eateries (the article mentions HipCityVedge and Vedge, but there are plenty more than that), not to mention one of the world’s largest landscaped urban park systems. Philly scores high on walkability, and we’ve got some pretty darn good vegetarian stadium food.

And according to NerdWallet Health, Philly also has “the lowest chance of catching rays among our top 15 cities” — in case you’re worried about getting sunburned.

So, what city is the most waist-friendly? New York City earned the top spot, followed by San Francisco.

And if “healthy” isn’t what you crave on vacation, don’t worry: We’ve got plenty of cheesesteaks and pretzels, too.

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