By Nan Talleno

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Many dogs attempt the daunting activity of jumping up and biting the leash on a walk.

This can happen more often, but not always, with high-spirited dogs or young dogs (in young dogs unaccustomed to the leash, it may be a way to play) but it can actually occur with any dog.

Unfortunately, this can be extremely unnerving and dangerous as you try to walk your dog. But here are a couple of ideas in a pinch:

Attach two leashes to your dog’s collar. If she/he grabs the leash you’re holding, you can pick up the second leash and drop the first. Without anything to tug, your dog will stop. Another idea is to move quickly forward (almost in a light rapid pace) so that your dog needs to follow alongside you and concentrate on staying with you making it more difficult to fuss with the lead.

It’s extremely important to know, however, that leash biting behavior stems primarily from fear, overexcitement or anxiety.

It’s important to know the cause of your dog’s distress. Is it a lack of socialization or sensitivity to sound – such as passing trucks or cars? It could be a high prey drive or an intense fear of other dogs and/or people or anything unfamiliar.

The most important thing is for your dog to learn that you have his/her back; that you are in control so that there is no need to fear. This is done with work in the home first.

Practice basic leadership skills along with basic tasks such as “Sit” and “Stay”.

And leave the home in a calm state before the walk begins.