By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A new crime prevention program in Lower Merion involving dog walkers is becoming very popular.

The new crime prevention program is called Dog Walker Watch. Lower Merion Community Watch partnered with the Lower Merion Police Department for training classes to increase the eyes looking for crime.

Matt Peskin,  president of Lower Merion Community Watch and director of national town watch, says “Once criminals realize that not only do you have the police and town watch and other people out looking, but you also have dog walkers looking for them, then it’s not going to be as easy for them to walk up a driveway or go around the back of a house and break in, so across the country I think there are somewhere in the range of 75 million dog walkers. So the goal of this program is to do it here and spread it across the country.”

Lower Merion Township residents interested in the program can find out more at

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