By Amy E. Feldman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – What could be negative about a non-negativity policy?

The Hills and Dales Hospital in Michigan had a morale problem, the environment was rife with back biting. Employee satisfaction was low and there was a high turnover rate. In response, the hospital’s management drafted a policy of values and behavior that, among other things, prevented employees from making negative comments about fellow team members. Sounds GREAT!

So, of course, some complainer filed a complaint about not being able to complain and won. Why? Because the National Labor Relations Act, the law that allows employees to bargain collectively whether or not they’re part of a union, requires companies to allow employees to discuss the terms and conditions of employment with co-workers and that includes making negative comments about the workplace.

But, while companies have to let employees talk about even what they don’t like about the company, they don’t have to tolerate people who just have a bad attitude. And, if you’re the workplace complainer, while you do have the legal right to complain, instead of spewing your negativity to your coworkers, remember, nobody likes a complainer, except the law.

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