By David Madden

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — When New Jersey Governor Chris Christie renominated Stuart Rabner to be chief justice of the state Supreme Court, the Governor took a pretty firm swipe at the state bar association, which took him to task over his approach to judicial nominations.

The organization looked into what it termed “judicial independence” and suggested Christie’s approach might make judges think twice about the decisions they make on the bench.

Christie called the bar out on that one.

This “judicial independence” thing is a crock and the Bar Association knows it. But this is a group that struggles for relevance, and so this is the way they decided to be relevant. I haven’t cared less about what the Bar Association has thought since I became a lawyer in 1987.”

He insists the group’s opinion played no role in his decision to grant Rabner tenure, pending senate approval.

Bar Association President Ralph Lamparello offered a brief written response.

”Notwithstanding his comments, I personally and on behalf of the bar association applaud his decision.”


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