(TiqIQ/CBS) – A season after parting ways with long-time head coach Andy Reid, the Philadelphia Eagles played a home game against Reid’s new team, the Kansas City Chiefs. A season after parting ways with wide receiver DeSean Jackson, the Eagles will host a regular season game against Jackson’s new team, the Washington Redskins. According to TiqIQ, the secondary market prices for these two returns aren’t showing the same kind of demand.

In 2013, Andy Reid led the Chiefs to a 9-0 start to the season. Their third game of the season came on a Thursday night at Lincoln Financial Field against the Eagles. The average price of that game on the secondary market was $194, 9.9% above the Eagles’ season average of $176.50. Even early in the season, without knowing both the Chiefs and Eagles would go on to make the playoffs, fans wanted to see these two teams play and see the return of Reid.

The demand is not quite as high for the return of DeSean Jackson this season. While the average price for Jackson’s return is much higher at $237.25, that’s due to the increase in season average price of Eagles tickets this year. Thanks to the success in 2013, the average price of Eagles tickets has increased 32.1% over last season to $233.21 in 2014. That increase in average price makes Jackson’s return only a 1.73% premium over the season average, well below the premium for Reid’s return in 2013. The Redskins show up on week 3 of the Philadelphia Eagles schedule, the same week Reid returned to Philadelphia last season.

While an average divisional game would seem to be more expensive in general, the average price for last season’s home game against Washington was exactly at the season average. The difference in premiums can also be attributed to the role played by the former Eagle. Jackson, though a star-caliber player, will only be on the field for maybe 60 snaps and have a direct impact on 10 of them with a pretty good game. On the other hand as a head coach, Reid has a greater effect on just about every play of the game, something Eagles fans perhaps know too well.

Jackson, though, did flourish in Chip Kelly’s system, finishing the 2013 season as the team’s leading receiver. He’s also only 27 years old, leaving plenty of time to get revenge on the Eagles twice a year. Philadelphia finished 2-0 against Washington last year, Outscoring them by a total of two touchdowns 57-43. Washington won just three games last season, but have the hopes of improving in 2014.

If both teams enter Week 3 with a 2-0 record, there could be a bump in the average price, but it is unlikely the premium above season average comes close to Andy Reid’s return last year.

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