By Amy E. Feldman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Do you actually have to be harmed to file a lawsuit?

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Years before actor Matthew McConaughey won an Academy Award, he lost a lawsuit.

Apparently as a teenager, McConaughey had used mink oil, marketed to him as a cure for acne but it actually made his complexion worse. His complexion got better when he stopped using the product so he sued for $30,000.

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McConaughey knew he’d lost when the mink oil maker’s lawyer showed evidence of the award he’d won, for most handsome. Which leads one to wonder: was the discussion of losing a lawsuit really a way for McConaughey to remind the world how handsome he is? And also, if the mink oil didn’t do what the makers said it would, why can’t he win a lawsuit?

As to the first question, Matthew, I believe you’re handsome. And to the second, the court system isn’t really the best way to resolve your grudges. If you believe you are a consumer who has been misled, then you should file a complaint with the Attorney General of your state or with the Better Business Bureau.

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If you’ve lost money or faced actual injuries or permanent damage, then by all means you can file a lawsuit to be made whole. But unlike what people think, not getting exactly what you anticipated isn’t a lottery ticket; some harms aren’t actually compensable and you needn’t clog the court system over your clogged pores.