By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Local opponents of the voter identification law are rejoicing to the news that Governor Tom Corbett will not appeal a state court’s ruling to strike the law (See Related Story).

Philadelphia City Commissioner Stephanie Singer says the implementation of this law cost tax payers money, held up court time and she’s happy to see it go.

“And that’s money that could have been spent elsewhere. It’s money that could have gone to schools. It money that could have gone to real voter education and that’s really a shame. That’s one of the things we lost in this whole battle,” says Singer.

Singer says money isn’t the only thing that went to waste during this battle.

“The opportunity cost of all the other things that we could have done that would have been good for democracy and good for voting in Pennsylvania that got left behind because of the fight over this law.”

Singer also says the law was an attempt to disenfranchise voters but now she’s turning her focus to the future, encouraging anyone in Pennsylvania who can vote to get out and vote on May 20th.