By Pat Loeb

By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Scooter and motorcycle riders have expressed concern about legislation that will govern where they can park in Philadelphia. They testified at this week’s Parking Authority Board meeting.

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Parking Authority officials agreed to work with the motorcycle and scooter coalition after an uproar over its crackdown on scooter sidewalk parking. But coalition member Gary Lowe told the Board he doesn’t think officials have paid enough attention to the group’s research.

“We fear that the regulation may not be anticipating situations that will affect how well this regulation is received by all constituents,” Lowe said, “and how easy or difficult the regulation will be to understand and enforce.”

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While the Authority works on new rules, scooters are being allowed to park on sidewalks, but the head of on-street parking Ed Thornton hopes improvements to the 45 reserved scooter and motorcycle parking areas will entice the vehicles to the street.

“We’re installing meter poles that would have a locking mechanism to it,” Thornton said, “so that scooters or motorcyclists can lock their vehicles.”

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Ed Thornton, head of on-street parking at the PPA (credit: Pat Loeb)

Ed Thornton, head of on-street parking at the PPA (credit: Pat Loeb)

Thornton said they can also purchase permits so they can park in those areas any time.