By Melony Roy

By Melony Roy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – During this week’s F8 conference, Facebook announced a slew of new programs and initiatives, but the planned offering of “Anonymous Login” is getting the most attention.

“Anonymous Login” is a twist on the standard Facebook Login option that gives people a way to try an app without sharing any of their personal information from the social network.

Cofounder and editor of “Technically,” Christopher Wink, says the most important currency on the web is data and information.

“Making it easier for web users to experience other sites and not give up all the information they want to makes Facebook more powerful.”

The move addresses concerns about user privacy as the social network explores ways to encourage people to try new apps.

“Theoretically, Facebook is mostly saying we have vetted accounts, these are people associated with email addresses and are in good standing by our terms of service. You should be ok with them using your site.”

Facebook says it’s testing the new log-in option with select developers so users probably won’t see the feature for several months.