By Matt Rivers

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A random tire plunges over the dam, destined to join a swirling pile of wood, plastic and whatever else a swollen Schuylkill sucked up during this week’s flooding.

And what wasn’t floating was lounging. Huge trees drying out, basking in Friday afternoon sun.

Head upstream to Boathouse Row and the big culprit is mud. Gobs of it sit inside the Philadelphia Girls Rowing Club.

Philadelphia Girls Rowing Club Captain Blake Adams says, “It sits sort of low so whenever there’s a flood over 11 feet we get hit.”

This one crested at 14 feet, so the house was in trouble. The water line was about six inches higher than the one the women measured during Hurricane Irene.

Emily Davis says, “We didn’t prepare properly. If we would have known it was going to go so high we would have prepared differently.”

Anything that was tied down floated up, including a steel captain’s box and a launcher, hauled in by club members yesterday.

“It was floating. It’s easier to carry something that’s floating.”

There’s still a lot of work to do thought to get the house in shape before this weekend’s city championship regatta.

Part of the Schuylkill trail also needs some touching up. Just south of South Ferry Street flood waters ripped up sections of pavement and now bikers have to go around.

Asphalt undermined by a raging river and a current that wouldn’t quit.