By Jay Lloyd

AVALON, N.J. (CBS) — In planning getaways to the Jersey shore, there’s an easy way to get on the water and explore nature — for an hour, or a day.

Echoes of Superstorm Sandy continue to reverberate on the Jersey shore. The back bay waters are still posing a challenge for deeper-draught boats.

But for kayaks, paddle boards, and flat-bottom fishing boats, they offer angling, crabbing, or just gliding into nature.

A favorite spot to do it all with shallow-draught rental craft is Avalon.

Travis Marshall, operator of Anchorage Marina, notes that you don’t have to have much experience to get out there and just enjoy nature on the back bay or the creeks and coves of a nearby protected island.

“You can go back there and see all types of waterfowl.  Really, really neat.  And you’re just one with the water and one with nature,” he advises.

The tab for two people to get on the water for half a day in a double kayak is about $55.  It’s a unique way to see the “other” side of the Jersey shore.


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