Dear Kate,

On yesterday’s show I said some things that in hindsight I regret. I called for the Flyers organization to put a halt to using your imagery and voice when singing ‘God Bless America’ before games.

Let me be clear, I didn’t not want you banned altogether. I just did not want you used as much as the Flyers have over the years.

Regardless, I was wrong. I spit in the eye of a Philadelphia tradition and not only did the or-gan-I-za-tion win on Tuesday night, they crushed the stinking Rangers.

As some one who values tradtion, I should have known better and I have now seen the err of my ways. Not only do I want them to use your beautiful voice and rendition before big games, I want you rolled out before every sporting event in Philadelphia, not just the Flyers.

Kickball games, potato sack races, rough touch, rounds of golf. Any form of sporting event that takes place in the Delaware Valley, I want to hear your dulcet tones. Lastly I want to also say, you were a very spiffy dresser. That dress that we will see in purpituity is really snazzy. So Kate, Smitty as I like to call you, from the bottom of my heart, I’m sorry for doubting you.


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