By Todd Quinones

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —   Caught on tape: a tree comes crashing down on a car trapping a man inside.

The driver was taken to Aria Health Torresdale Campus for observations.

Eyewitnesses tell CBS 3 they can’t believe he wasn’t seriously injured especially after seeing the surveillance video.

It was a freak accident caught on video.

You can see as the tree limb falls right on type of the car as the driver heads north up the Roosevelt Boulevard approaching Rhawn Street.

The roof of the car was cut right open.

The windshield smashed.

In a picture taken by an eyewitness you can still see the stunned driver behind the steering wheel surrounded by branches.

“I’m shocked the guy wasn’t hurt. I mean the car was literally split in half,” Gabriel German of Northeast Philadelphia said.

Eyewitnesses tell me the driver barely had a scratch.

In cell phone video you can hear an eyewitness ask him if he’s ok.

The accident happened right in front of this Lukoil station at around 3:20 p.m. right in plain view of one of their surveillance cameras.

Workers there tell CBS 3 the wind was not blowing hard at the time.

The tree looks rotted right were the limb broke off.

It appears to be unfortunate timing for the driver, but he may also consider himself a lucky man.

“It’s a freak of nature accident and he just got very, very lucky he even survived it. If I were him I would definitely say my prayers,” German said.

Eyewitnesses say the driver was walking and talking and did not appear to be seriously injured at all.