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By Glen Macnow

Score: 7.15
Price: Just $5, every day.
Location: 1601 S. 10th Street

What a bargain. The five-buck burger at this hipster hangout wins the prize for best value in this contest. It’s juicy, nicely charred on the outside, gristle free and went down beautifully with the “Carton of Milk” nitro stout from the extensive beer menu.

We sat at a butcher-block table in the back room watching Jonathan Papelbon save one against the Marlins while enjoying this treat. There’s nothing overly ambitious in the burger – a thin slice of American cheese on top, a little lettuce and tomato, a yellow potato roll. But the preparation was great. I’m not sure who’s in the back of this bar slinging the burgers, but get that man a job at a big-time steakhouse. He knows his red meat.

You get a generous side of dill pickles (all the more incentive to order more beer). The burger is a tad salty, maybe for that same reason. And it’s on the small side. But at this price, you can order two, a couple of rounds of beers and still have money left in your paycheck.

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