PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Taco Bell is set to test launch a more upscale eatery in California this summer, and there’s reportedly some Philly flair on the menu.

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, the new concept will open in Huntingdon Beach. It will be called U.S. Taco Co. and Urban Taproom, and it will initially feature a lineup of 10 tacos, thick-cut fries and milkshakes.

“Premium tacos” on the menu for launch include fusion items such as the “Winner Winner,” which includes Southern-style fried chicken breast and gravy, and the “One Percenter,” a lobster taco with red cabbage slaw and pico de gallo.

But there’s also a “Brotherly Love” taco, offering a spin on the famous Philly cheesesteak. Taco Bell Corp.’s take includes carne asada, grilled peppers and onions. What it doesn’t have, though, is (gasp!) cheese whiz. Instead, there’s roasted poblano queso and cotija cheese.

According to NRN, future outposts of U.S. Taco Co. will include alcohol, but the Huntingdon Beach concept will not. And don’t expect “Mexican” food at T-Bell’s new restaurant:

“Taco Bell is Mexican inspired. U.S. Taco is American inspired,” Greg Creed, Taco Bell’s chief executive, told NRN.