By Todd Quinones

NESHAMINY, Pa., (CBS) — SEPTA officials say an outbound Regional Rail train on the West Trenton line collided with an SUV on railroad tracks in Bucks County.

SEPTA investigators are tracking down the suspected teens responsible for leaving the SUV right on the tracks.

SEPTA rider Kate McGuire tweeted us this picture taken minutes after the train plowed into the SUV.

(credit: Kate McGuire)

(credit: Kate McGuire)

The collision occurred several hundred yards away from the Neshaminy Falls SEPTA station in a wooded area nowhere near an intersection.

“Based on what the conductors were telling us, it sounded like [the teenagers] were in the SUV and abandoned the SUV and ran away,” McGuire said.

On the hillside next to the accident we found several trails neighbors tell CBS 3 are often used by teens who go four wheeling.

On Friday, the driver of the red SUV apparently got stuck on the tracks and along with the passengers bailed out of the SUV in time to avoid getting hurt and caught.

“Not safe at all. I can’t imagine ever doing that, especially with the risk of getting caught on the tracks with how fast the trains are coming not only are you putting yourself in danger but you’re putting everyone on the train in danger,” McGuire said.

McGuire says the outbound West Trenton line train had slowed down before the collision because the SUV was spotted in time.

As a result she says there was no serious jolt that injured any of the 70 passengers.

The train was going roughly 25mph at the time of the collision.

No arrests have been made.

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