By Matt Rivers

CHESTER, Pa. (CBS) — The shooting took place just over the bridge and the victim ended up driving himself just in front of that parking lot here on Widener University’s campus.

He died here on scene in full view of students who live nearby.

Chopper 3 was overhead the scene Thursday morning just before 11 am. A few minutes earlier, student Erica Simpkins was eating breakfast when the sound of gunfire echoed through her windows. She looked out to see an SUV stop on Melrose Avenue, and knew something was wrong.

“I ran over, and I called the cops and they were already on their way. There was blood everywhere, and I backed off once the cops got there.”

Before she realized how serious the situation was, she shot some cell phone video from her porch.

The victim staggers out of the car and towards the curb. He collapses on the sidewalk, and that’s when Erica ran over. She said the victim’s friends were inconsolable.

“They were like no man, you got to come back, not like this, jumping up and down, it was crazy.”

911 calls about the shooting prompted the university to act.

Director of Public Relations at Widener Dan Hanson says,”As a precautionary measure, the university responded quickly and asked everyone to shelter in place.”

That was lifted about a half hour later, as the scene was secured. Emergency officials could do little to help the man, who died on scene.

Kevin Burns lives across the street from where it happened.

“No matter where you are it happens, but for it to happen this close to school, it’s kind of shocking.”

“It was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, I’ve never been so shaken up over anything.”

An investigation into the shooting is ongoing.