By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The National Association for Quaker Schools is celebrating its 325th anniversary.

Thursday night they recognized some of their educators who have made impact all around the world.

Mayor Michael Nutter declared Thursday Quaker Education Day in Philadelphia.

As part of the festivities, Friends Council on Education held a Leading in the Light gala celebration.

“Quaker education in America started here in Philadelphia and there are Quaker schools now all around the world,” said Dr. Irene McHenry, Executive Director of Friends Council and Education.

She was on hand as Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden presented the first ever Friends Council Leadership Award for Service to Society to Kwesi and Melissa Koomson.

“They have gone to Ghana and started schools they’re a wonderful model of service in the world, which is something that friends schools stress,” McHenry said.

Among those in attendance were the heads of William Penn Charter School and Friends Select School the two oldest Friends schools in the country.