By Mark Abrams

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia’s Police Commissioner is endorsing the installation of special cameras on the Roosevelt Boulevard to put the brakes on speeders, but a spokesman for the state senate’s majority leader says there are no plans to advance such a plan at this time.

Commissioner Charles Ramsey calls the Roosevelt Boulevard a dangerous stretch of roadway where, since 2009, 50 people have been killed and there have been more than 17,700 accidents.

He says a lot of the accidents are directly attributed to excessive speed.

“Speed cameras never sleep, they will slow people down. I used that technology when I was chief in D.C. and it was very effective and I think we need it along the boulevard.”

There already are red light cameras installed at high-traffic intersections on the boulevard to reduce the number of drivers blowing through red lights.

Ramsey contends speed cameras at the right locations can be life savers.

The cameras, contained in a bill proposed by Philadelphia Sen. Mike Stack, would clock the speed and take a photo of the license plate of the offending vehicle only on the boulevard.