By Chris Stigall

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Monday morning on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, Chris Stigall objected to some major metropolitan newspapers not covering Easter on their front pages yesterday.

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Stigall pointed out that both the New York Times and the Denver Post neglected to mention the holiday, with the Denver Post opting for an in depth piece on the impact of Colorado’s marijuana legalization.

“How irrelevant have newspapers become when the Easter Sunday Denver Post not only doesn’t say a word about Easter, but their big write up is ‘Welcome to Weed Country’?” he said.

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He joked that now with the drug being legal in Colorado, even those attending religious services were using it.

“This is Easter Sunday’s Denver Post. Now I realize the only people that live in Colorado apparently sell and or smoke marijuana…For people that go to church, those that did go to church in Denver, were they all high? Do you go to church high in Denver?” Stigall stated.

Stigall stated that this oversight is evidence that newspapers have lost touch with their audience and indicative of why they have declined in readership.

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“This is why newspapers are rendered completely irrelevant. To just not even acknowledge [Easter], the majority of your readership, whether you like it or not, perhaps you’re an atheist editor, maybe you’re not a Christian, you’re some other religion, but don’t you just as a news item acknowledge that the single most important day for probably what must be the vast majority your readers and in the nation. It’s a major holiday on the calendar. Don’t you acknowledge that? Isn’t there a blurb somewhere?” he said.