PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The debate regarding whether the Sixers, or any other NBA team, is doing the right thing by completely tearing down the team, was a hot one this year. The debate itself heated up when the Sixers tied the NBA record for consecutive losses, with 26.

One former Sixer has no problem with the way the Sixers are rebuilding the franchise.

“That’s the way they have to do it. I got no problem with what the Sixers did,” Barkley told 94WIP’s Howard Eskin and Ike Reese on Tuesday. ” I love what the Sixers are doing! You know, I told somebody the other day. Think about this Howard [Eskin], if the Sixers — think about this — if the Sixers could sign LeBron James to go with Michael Carter-Williams, [Nerlens] Noel, and they got like a great pick this year. They’ll win the championship in the next five years, maybe twice. They got enough money to sign LeBron James. They got some good young players. Like I said, they’re going to have the rookie of the year, I think Noel is gonna be a good player, they’re gonna get another good player this year. If they want to sign LeBron James I would bet a million dollars within five years they might win the championship. I’m telling you they would be that good.”

While signing Lebron James seems unlikely, Carter-Williams, Noel, and two lottery picks in the 2014 NBA Draft should be a solid foundation for the 76ers in the coming years.

“Let’s just say hypothetically they get Jabari Parker or somebody like that, or Andrew Wiggins, they gonna have a shot [even without LeBron James] maybe at making the playoffs next year. I have no problem with what the Sixers did,” Barkley said.

“With the good young players they got, I think it [Philadelphia] is going to be a destination for a guy. I really do. This is the first time they ever really had anyone money since this thing started with all these players trying to ban together and get together.”


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