By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Students at the Community College of Philadelphia face a possible tuition increase next fall unless the city and the state chip in more.

At a City Council budget hearing today, CCP president Judith Gay said she appreciates that the mayor proposes an extra half-million dollars for the school.  But even that, she said, will not be enough to stave off a tuition hike.

“Our students definitely would have a tuition and fee increase for next year based on just the $500,000 increase,” she said.

Councilman Bill Greenlee asked Gay what level of extra money would be needed to stave off a tuition hike entirely.

(Gay:)   “We had asked for a two-million-dollar increase, with a promise that we would not increase tuition or fees if we received two million dollars.”

(Greenlee:)   “I’m not sure that would be available, but at least it gets us the answer to the basic question.”

Gay and other school officials could not say the size of the possible tuition increase; that will be decided by the board of the college once the city and state budgets are finalized, perhaps by June.

City residents currently pay $153 per credit-hour in tuition.