By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — One of the oldest scams in the book against the elderly is resurfacing in Northeast Philadelphia, where police are warning the public to beware of strangers on the street offering to fix your vehicle.

According to officials, there were two separate incidents in Northeast Philadelphia earlier this month in which a man approached elderly motorists — one man and one woman — offering to fix their vehicles.

Lt. John Stanford of the Philadelphia Police Department says the first incident happened March 11th in a Walgreen’s parking lot in the 7200 block of Castor Avenue.

According to investigators, a man approached the 94-year-old driver and told him he noticed his car had a wobbly wheel and he could fix it.   The driver gave the suspect $940.   The suspect fled the scene.

Police say the second incident was on March 14th at Academy Road and Frankford Avenue.  A suspect  told an 88-year-old woman he could fix her vehicle for $6,500.  Officials say she was suspicious and called family members, who advised against it.

Northeast Detectives were uncertain if the two cases are linked.

But, added Lt. Stanford, “This is definitely something that we want to let the elderly know, that maybe this individual is targeting the elderly.”


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