PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – On Wednesday on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, Chris Stigall responded to President Obama’s announcement that over seven million people have enrolled for health insurance through

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Stigall does not believe the numbers released by the White House and says there are still millions of supposedly uninsured people who have still not signed up.

“We know the seven million figure that they magically reached yesterday is phony. It is phony from top to bottom. We were told 30 million people in this country didn’t have health insurance, and the minute his wonderful law was passed, people were going to run and get signed up for free covered health insurance that was going to save everybody a lot of money and give everybody more access to more of everything. Those of you that liked where you were, nothing was going to change for you. It’s all a lie. This is the single biggest scam ever pulled on the American people,” he said.

And Stigall said this argument is not about politics, but about the government taking over people’s lives.

“This is about the American people trying to make a life for their family, trying their best to hang on to what little disposable income you aren’t taking from them. You are screwing with people’s lives with your central planning, nanny state, one-size-fits-all approach to our health insurance needs,” he emphasized.

He also took issue with the President saying the debate around the Affordable Care Act is over and the law is here to stay.

“The debate is not over. The First Amendment says it’s not over, and when we elect people to repeal this garbage that you say the debate is over about, you’ll see just exactly how over this debate is. Your design is to destroy health insurance. This country is well aware of what you’re trying to do, they are feeling it real time in their pocketbook, with their own doctors, with their own health insurance plans. We’re seeing and feeling what you’re doing and we don’t like it. And it will be stopped,” Stigall declared.

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