ST. LOUIS, MO (CBS) – These times, they are a’ changin’.

A new survey from moving company Mayflower suggests Americans are more willing to move for the wife’s job today than they were five years ago.

According to the survey, which polled 1,000 people selected by age and geographic location to represent a “general distribution of the consumer population,” nearly 90% of Americans feel moving for the woman’s job is more common than ever before.

The survey also found the majority of women would be willing to move their family for their job, and over half of the families asked said they’d support that decision.

Younger people, unsurprisingly, were more likely to support moving for their wife’s job. Seventy-two percent of Millennials (those between 18 and 34) said they’d be willing to make the move, while only 37% of those over 65 and 59% of Baby Boomers said the same.

Finally, Mayflower adds that money was the greatest motivating factor, regardless of gender. The bread-winner’s career “tended to drive most family relocations,” the company said in a release.