By Glen Macnow

Score: 2.85
Price: Cheeseburger with bacon – $3.39.
Location: Four locations. We went to the one on Eagle Road in Havertown.

I’m really reluctant to rip a business that’s in my own backyard. But Havertown deserves a better burger than this one. It’s all like the old Woody Allen joke – “Boy the food in this place is really terrible. Yeah, and such small portions.”

This is the Snooki of burgers – small, tough and tasteless. The bun tasted like end piece of a stale loaf of white bread. The cheese offered nothing. I accidentally bit into a napkin while eating at Zac’s, and discovered that the paper had more flavor than the burger.

Zac’s has a sign on the wall offering a Sunday special of 10 burgers for $18. Two thoughts: 1) It may be enough to fill you up, and 2) Why would you want to?

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