By Glen Macnow

Score: 5.25
Price: Sirloin burger $6.95. Kobe burger, $9.95. Add $1.50 each for cheese and bacon.
Location: 413 East Girard Avenue, Philadelphia.

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We so wanted to like this hipsterish place, with the friendly counter girls and the shtick of putting paper and crayons on the table so that customers will draw pictures they then hang on the walls.

Problem is, the food doesn’t match up to the ambience. It all looked great – a chunky patty, covered with a thick coat of cheddar and slab bacon. But bite into this burger and you’re searching for some taste. The reason? Sketch’s burgers are made with sirloin which is lean and tender, but lacks in flavor and juiciness. Thanks for protecting my aortic lining, Bub, but how about something for the taste buds?

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We tried a Kobe burger as an upscale alternative and found it to be gamy. They also offer something called a vegan seitan special which, to be honest, sounds less appetizing than a trowel full of cat litter.

Looks great, tastes blah. The fries were terrific, however.

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