By Dom Giordano

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams’ editorial in the Sunday Inquirer had me cheering from my Barcolounger. He poked holes in (Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s) arguments that she didn’t have enough evidence to convict people. He delivered a devastating body blow to her use of race to absolve herself.

Williams said “Let me tell you about the chief investigator in the case, who has been accused by Kane of taking orders to “target” black officeholders and ignore white ones. Like me, he is a black man. He works in my office now. I have looked in his eyes. I believe he is telling the truth.”

This critique by a major black Democratic official turns up the heat so much that Kane will have to hire a new team of lawyers, maybe black lawyers, to respond to this.

Maybe Kane is in over her head. She has almost no experience as a prosecutor and is widely seen by insiders in Harrisburg as a lightweight. She is seen even among politicians as being solely animated by politics.

The remedy to stop Kane and her record of lawlessness is to support State Representative Darryl Metcalfe’s impeachment proceedings.

Republicans have been AWOL when Kane refused to do her job and defend the Commonwealth in a same sex marriage lawsuit. Her actions in this corruption case are much worse. Republicans control both of the legislative bodies and the governor’s office. The only remedy for this is to challenge her and her legal guards.