By Paul Kurtz

By Paul Kurtz

WAYNE, Pa. (CBS) – Springtime can’t arrive soon enough for area merchants whose livelihoods have been stung by the brutal winter weather.

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“I”m excited, just get here already,” says Paula Coppola, who owns a thriving Italian Restaurant in Wayne, Pa.

But she says her sit-down business took a hit this winter because of the frigid cold and unrelenting snow and ice.

“Because it was so cold, the husbands and the wives coming back from work, they would just stop by, pick up a pizza or a hot meal and bring it home so they didn’t even have to drag all the kids into the cold weather.”

The charming shops and restaurants that line Wayne and nearby Lancaster Avenues are ideal for strolling on a warm day. Men’s clothing store owner David Abraham is hoping many will stroll right into his place.

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“It’s been a long winter so people are probably itching to get outside. The golfers have been restrained this winter. A year ago they could play golf all through the whole winter just about, it was mild. So I anticipate that things are gonna be pretty good.”

On South Street in Philadelphia, Ahmad Imrani stands alone inside his frozen yogurt shop, just begging for the mercury to rise.

“I can’t wait for it, man. I’m dreaming for it day and night, trying to see when it’s gonna be sunny, when the people are going to walk into the store.”


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