By Lynne Adkins

BENSALEM, Pa. (CBS) — Driving drunk is a well known danger on the roads, but a new report indicates that many of us don’t realize the hazards of driving while taking prescription medications.

It’s becoming all too common for people to get  behind the wheel while taking meds for anxiety, pain, or sleeping disorders, according to Helen Weigand-Kinback, a DUI coordinator for Livengrin Foundation, an addiction recovery center in Bucks County.

She says too few people ask their doctor or pharmacist questions about the effects of those pills.

“I would like people to understand the seriousness of taking medication and the effects it will have on their reaction time and ability to drive safely,” she told KYW Newsradio today.

She notes that the side effects of many prescription medications can be multiplied when mixed with even a small amount of alcohol, and she urges anyone on medications to read the information that comes with the prescription.


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