By KYW’s Jay Lloyd

NEW YORK, N.Y. (CBS) — One perk that comes with aging is the senior citizen discount. But many area seniors who travel to New York are missing out on a big one.

I’ve been riding the Philadelphia subways and buses without dropping a token in the slot (or the Regional Rails for a buck) for a few years now.  But it wasn’t until last week that my wife Mary and I finally got around to getting our New York transit perks lined up.

In Philly, it’s easy:  just show your Medicare card and you ride free.

In New York, though, you have to go through a process, after which you’ll score half-price rides. That means you get around the big city for a buck and a quarter per ride instead of $2.50.

But when you take a half dozen or more rides a day and stay three or four days at a time, as we try to do, those savings can add up fast.

Start by going to; look for “Reduced-Fare Metrocard.”  Then, download and fill out the form.  You can mail it with proof of age, or visit the MTA office on Stone Street in Lower Manhattan.

We paid a visit and had an MTA photo ID Metrocard in minutes, then just started riding!

By the way, that MTA office is right near the Staten Island Ferry terminal.  That ride is free. Take it — you’ll like it.

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