PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – While discussing former President Bill Clinton’s upcoming trip to Philadelphia to raise money for congressional candidate Marjorie Margolies Wednesday on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, Chris Stigall analyzed how the upcoming primaries in both her race and the race for Governor will impact Democrats in general elections later in the year.

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Regarding the upcoming contest for Governor, Stigall said a number of key players have yet to fully launch their campaigns.

“[Rob] McCord, the State Treasurer for Pennsylvania, has a lot of moneyed business pals in Philadelphia, so watch him. He’s not done yet. [Tom] Wolf comes riding out of nowhere with a sack of money and buys his way to the top of the heap — for now. Who else has not spent a dime yet is the most well-funded and prominent name among them? The abortion queen, [Allyson Schwartz],” he said.

Stigall also stated that in close competitions like this race appears to be, getting voters to the polls will be key.

“It’s going to be very telling to see who turns out in the Democrat primary. But as is usually the case, the red meat of the base turns out in primaries and in that case, that’s Philadelphia liberals. My money is on whoever is the craziest leftist. That’s the abortion queen,” Stigall commented, projecting Schwartz as his pick to win. “She bows at the altar of abortion and all the other leftist tenants.”

In order to run for Governor, Schwartz is vacating the same congressional seat Margolies is running to fill. Her main primary competition seemingly comes from State Senator Daylin Leach and State Representative Brendan Boyle.

“It is going to be a great year to sit back and watch the Democrats slit each other’s throats,” Stigall said anticipating fierce within the party to win those nominations. “It is coming, one of the greatest shows on Earth. You have wacko leftists trying to outflank wacko leftists for both the Democratic nomination to take on [Republican Governor Tom] Corbett and the seat Schwartz is vacating…They’re all going to be spending tons of money to out-crazy one another.”

The fundraiser Clinton will attend with Margolies will be held at Prime Rib in Center City in April.

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