By David Madden

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. (CBS) —   Another New Jersey poll reveals the problems that governor Chris Christie is experiencing in the light of a pair of scandals involving his administration.

The latest Rutgers-Eagleton survey shows a continued deterioration in Christie’s positive numbers since “Bridgegate” broke and Hurricane Sandy recovery problems became more of an issue.

“His trustworthiness is at an all-time low,” notes poll director David Redlawsk, “with just 23 percent of voters saying that ‘trustworthy’ applies ‘very well’ to the governor.”

That’s a 20-percent drop from last October.  Thirty-eight percent say they trust Christie “a bit,” and 35 percent “not at all.”  Democrats, perhaps not surprisingly, have increased skepticism.

More than half of those who responded still see Christie as a strong leader.   Redlawsk suggests that Christie is now being viewed as more of a typical politician, although his numbers are still good for a Republican in a state that leans Democratic.

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