PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Jesse Biddle is living a dream. Biddle is from the area, attended Germantown Friends, and grew up a Phillies fan. So to be drafted by his favorite team, and have the chance to make the big league club is an opportunity that very few people ever have.

“The thing that I am struggling with right now and that I’m really, really working on is trying to separate myself from that feeling of it being a dream, living a dream and all that, because it’s not really a dream anymore,” Biddle told Angelo Cataldi and the WIP Morning Team on Wednesday. It’s unlikely Biddle starts the year with the Phillies, but is considered of their best, if not the best, pitching prospect in the organization.

Biddle was selected in the first round of the 2010 draft by the Phillies.

“I still don’t know if I have the exact words to describe that moment [he was drafted],” Biddle said.  “Everything just kind of lined up, everything was perfect. The Phillies were kind of not really sure whether they were going to take me and I wasn’t sure whether they were going to draft me. So I found out with everyone else. Bud Selig called my name on TV and me and everybody else who was watching knew that I was picked then. I kind of just fell to the ground and didn’t really know what to do. I was with my friends and family and everyone was there. It’s a moment I’m obviously never, ever going to forget.”

Only 22 years old, Biddle has been lucky enough to grow up during one of the best eras in Phillies baseball. He was lucky enough to be at Citizen’s Bank Park when the Phillies won their weather-delayed World Series clincher in 2008 against the Rays.

“Me and my friend were at the game and we sat outside and everybody that we were sitting with kind of went behind and kind of hid under the, in the concourse, but we sat outside,” he said. “It got really, really cold and wet. It was terrible, but it was amazing obviously watching the game. And because of that I got so sick that I couldn’t go to the parade.”

Hopefully for Biddle, he’ll get the chance to be at a Phillies parade, but this time to be one of the players rolling down Broad St.

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