By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) – The Liquor Control Board has made a regulatory change that it hopes will result in a greater variety of Pennsylvania wines being sold in state stores.

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The Liquor Control Board has eliminated the requirement that licensed Limited Wineries (wineries that can produce up to 200,000 gallons per year) sell their product at wineries or satellite stores for no less than the retail price at state stores.

LCB spokeswoman Stacy Kriedeman says that’s important because until now, wineries would have to sell product to the LCB at a significant discount to meet the old requirement.

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“They would have to account for the board’s mark-up, as well as the 18 percent liquor tax when selling it to the board,” Kriedeman says. “Neither of those things are in the price at the winery.”

The LCB hopes that the change will encourage the state’s more than 200 licensed Limited wineries to expand the selection of their product sold in state stores.

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