By Dan Wing

By Dan Wing

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Tomorrow marks Shrove Tuesday for members of the Catholic faith, the last day before the official start of Lent.

It may be better known now as Fat Tuesday, but Chair of the Systematic Theology Department at Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary Monsignor Michael Magee says the day is about much more than just having a party.

“The word Shrove comes from the old English word shrive, which is the word for going to confession. And so Shrove Tuesday was the day people would say go to confession to prepare for Lent,” Monsignor Magee said.

But Monsignor Magee says it is okay to cut loose.

“Letting go and preparing for a more solemn time is really a nice way to observe it, I think. There’s nothing wrong with a good celebration to prepare for a more solemn time,” he said.

Shrove Tuesday is followed by Ash Wednesday, the kick-off of the 40-day period of Lent, which culminates with Easter Sunday.

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