By Paul Kurtz

POTTSVILLE, Pa. (CBS) — The first run of ice cream made by a well-known Pennsylvania brewery appears to be wildly successful.

“Sales have been, let’s put it this way, way beyond our wildest expectations,” says David Yuengling, president of the ice cream division of the 185-year-old family-run brewery in Pottsville, Pa.

He says the company’s newly relaunched ice cream facility will have to be producing consistently for the next couple of weeks to keep up with demand.

“Our initial run was 100,000 quarts, which is roughly 15,000 cases,” Yuengling tells KYW Newsradio, “and we’ve already gone through all that.”

He suspects that natural consumer curiosity is the main reason for the new product’s popularity, but adds that the feedback has been “all positive.”

Yuengling recently decided to revive the company’s ice-cream business, an old family tradition that began with the dawn of Prohibition and the resultant end of its beer business.

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