CHELTENHAM TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) – Police have made an arrest after two Cheltenham businesses were robbed multiple times during the power outage earlier in February.

On three consecutive days, beginning on Feb. 6 and ending on Feb. 8, the Cheltenham Police Department responded to reports of burglaries at 105 Greenwood Ave, a location that houses both a Lukoil and Greenwood Auto Care.

Police say both businesses were robbed of things like tools, equipment, cash and cigarettes. During the time that items were taken, the area had received heavy snow and a State of Emergency had been declared in the Township. There was also a prolonged power outage.

On Feb. 25, police developed information that focused on a garage in Glenside and a possible suspect. A search warrant was obtained and a significant amount of the stolen items were recovered.

As a result, Karl Beckmann, of the 300 block of Paxson Avenue in Glenside, was arrested and charged with the burglaries.

Beckmann’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 6, 2014.