By Brad Segall

WARMINSTER, Pa. (CBS) — A Bucks County community wants some answers from Peco, the regional electric utility, about why the power seems to be going out more often than residents believe it should.

Warminster officials say electrical distribution to the township has been spotty over the past five years.  Even during times of non-severe weather events, they say, the power goes out in parts of the township all too often.

So, the Warminster board of supervisors has fired off a letter to Peco asking for the utility to study the distribution system.

Supervisor Jason Croley says that in the last three years on his street, outages have been in the double digits:

“We’re asking Peco to say, ‘Hey, let’s take a look at our system, take a look at our service.  Tell us if our perception is reality.’  Because the perception of my neighbors, myself, and my fellow board members is that our electrical infrastructure if starting to break down.”

Town officials also want Peco to hold a town meeting to answer questions from customers.

The issue came to a head earlier this month when more than 10,000 township residents were plunged into darkness for several days during an ice storm (see related story).