By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — “Six hundred once.  Six hundred twice.  Sold for $600.”

It was like the TV show “Storage Wars” — on Columbus Boulevard! — as the contents of two storage units rented by disgraced sportscaster Don Tollefson were auctioned off this afternoon.

A small crowd of about two dozen bidders gathered around two of Tollefson’s units.  One appeared to contain little more than trash, including a muddy glass jar of white clam sauce.  The contents of that storage unit sold for $175.

The second had old hockey sticks, a container of stirrup socks, and a box of Chicago Cubs baseball caps.  That one went for $600.

In addition,Tollefson’s Chevy Blazer sold for $100.

Ron Trainor of Voorhees, NJ was among the potential bidders.

“Don Tollefson — that caught my eye!” he said just before the auction.  “And then after that… I’m interested in this kind of thing.  You never know what you’re going to find, down underneath, in the back, in the corner.  Old sword, rifles, or something.  You know.”

The winning bidders declined to speak with reporters.

The Bucks County district attorney’s office searched the units on Friday, but sources say they found nothing to help their investigation into charges that Tollefson was running a charity scam.

Tollefson is still being held at the Bucks County jail in lieu of $10,000 bail (see related stories).