By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission urges electric customers hit with huge bills this winter to keep trying to reach your supplier. Because, they say, you might get a break if you do.

PUC spokeswoman Jennifer Kocher says electric customers with variable-rate plans from competitive suppliers have seen winter rates double and even triple in some cases.

But, she notes, “What we’re hearing from some customers who are calling us is that if they are able to get hold of the supplier from whom they got the large bill, that they are rolling back those prices or offering them some sort of a break on these large bills. So we’re encouraging customers to really try to get a hold of their electric generation supplier.”

Kocher says the PUC, meanwhile, will begin a review of billing practices, including whether or not it has the authority to put caps on variable rates in the future.

But she emphasizes that the PUC won’t be able to change bills that have already been received by customers.