PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Chris Stigall spoke with Judy Smith Friday on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT.

Smith is a crisis manager who previously worked in the White House and has consulted with politicians and celebrities including Monica Lewinsky, Wesley Snipes and Michael Vick. Her bio also served as the basis for the highly rated television show, “Scandal,” starring Kerry Washington.

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Smith believes the ability to control scandals and negative publicity has been greatly impacted by the internet.

“Social media has totally complicated everything we do; it’s just made it much more difficult,” she says.

She told Stigall the best way for anyone trying to combat negative exposure with Twitter and Facebook is to, “stay off of it. Don’t go near it. It is not your friend. No good can come of it.”

She addressed how New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is handling the scandal that enveloped his administration earlier in the year over staff members ordering lane closures leading to the George Washington Bridge, thus causing massive traffic delays.

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“I think he is doing it right. When there is an investigation going on, you certainly don’t want to be out there talking about the situation. He came out in front and said he took responsibility, but he also said something really important, which is that he didn’t know about this. He set the tone early on, so I think he’s on the right course,” she says.

One potential problem Smith feels could confront the governor is the information that could be revealed by former Deputy Chief-of-Staff Bridget Kelly, who was fired by Christie when details came to light.

“I think that’s going to be a huge problem for him, if that’s the case. It speaks of the way that he governs and also to his credibility. It could be problematic. She is the one to watch here,” Smith explains.

Regarding the Obama Administration’s handling of the rollout of as part of the Affordable Care Act, Smith said the President should have fired those in charge.

“People have to take responsibility for their actions. There’s got to be some sort of consequence to it. Everyone would agree that the rollout of Obamacare was not handled well. Since then, it has been this game to try to recover for it. Heads would’ve rolled on that one,” Smith says.

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